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Characteristic of the liquor

The U.S. use from Yamaguchi. Gross quantity pure mijiu. The four seasons brewing.

I want to send a taste of the U.S. 100% "local brew" from Yamaguchi!

I use only Yamada Nishiki from Yamaguchi, a drop of Saito

I make liquor with local rice and local water with local people, and completed liquor is loved by a local person. I am thinking that a thing matching the climate of such land is local brew.
I go to draw local underflow water every training, and, to liquor rice, the water uses it as raw materials using Yamada Nishiki from Yamaguchi or a drop of Saito.
I want to send a good point of the gross quantity pure mijiu "pure mijiu"!

The hatsumomijinoo liquor is all pure mijiu

It is a sake brewery of the hatsumomijiha gross quantity pure mijiu. In other words, all products being pure mijiu as for the hatsumomijiga liquor which they brewed.
There are two types of pure mijiu and the brewing alcohol addition liquor when I greatly divide it into sake. The product of approximately 70% of the sake is brewing alcohol addition liquor that is brewing alcohol is added. It is a reason the adjustment of taste and the fragrance is effective as for this, and quantity of to increase simply.
A person and the pure mijiu let you ferment only with rice and the U.S. ricemalt.
Why are we particular there?
●I want to cook the liquor which fully drew profit of rice
It is from a reason called this.
We want to send a taste only by the pure mijiu to all of you and make a gross quantity pure mijiu.
I want to send a good point of the brewing "young sake" in the four seasons!

Anytime taste of the young sake

It is a sake brewery of the hatsumomijiha four seasons brewing.
I teach you liquor for one year at cold time in the suitable winter to cook liquor called the making a thing in midwinter and let you brew it, but usually perform sake brewing to brew every training under the refrigeration facilities perfection from thought to want a customer to enjoy taste of the young sake anytime.
1-40, Iijimacho, Shunan-shi, Yamaguchi
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