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Company profile

Management philosophy


Through development and production, sale of the liquor which is the best of all medicines, I offer health and a peace of mind to the people and assume that I contribute to the development of the community a mission

Management posture

Satisfaction of the customer
I am devoted to superior quality and the offer of the prominent service to have a customer satisfy heartily with giving first priority to the satisfaction of the customer

Symbiosis with the area
I grow up with a thought, an area with an area and assume that it develops with an area joy

Happiness of the employee
I value a dream and the will of the employee and, through each person's growth and contribution, realize the happiness of all

Action five principle

This is ... smile that says hello briskly, and is bright
You are always forward tsu ..., and have a sign
This is ... give and take, responsibility successful execution, too
The professional skill to see it, and to improve with ... all
I raise hemorrhoids ... oneself and contribute to the society

Company profile, history

Corporate information

Company name
    President Yasuhiro Harada
Duties contents
    Pure mijiu, the brewing, sale of "the HARADA"
The location
    〒745-0014 1-40, Iijimacho, Shunan-shi, Yamaguchi
Business hours
Regular holiday
    Sundays and holidays


December, 1928
The Harada bar establishment
July 26, 1945
It is reduced to ashes by an air raid
October 1, 1954
Ikuno brewing and a merger business name: First colored leaves brewing
October, 1961
Three Sakae brewing and merger
I suspend brewing
April 21, 2003
It is a company name change new company name taking advantage of Shunan-shi merger: hatsumomiji
December, 2005
Brewing resumption

Access map

〒745-0014 1-40, Iijimacho, Shunan-shi, Yamaguchi
1-40, Iijimacho, Shunan-shi, Yamaguchi
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