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Visit to sake brewery

Do you not touch the sake brewer?

I accept hatsumomijideha, the visit of the sake brewery.

I explain a process before liquor being done while actually looking at the facilities.
I would appreciate your touching many people nihatsumomijino sake brewer by all means.
I accept the hope of the visit over the following form or a telephone.
Please feel free to contact us.

It is a small sake brewery of the four seasons brewing. I explain the process while observing the facilities.

Opening time
Regular holiday
Sundays and holidays
The time required
30 minutes
Visit charges
Free of charge
Parking lot
Available (the trailer bus, please wait at another place.)
Sampling sale

Inquiry form

You have you fill below it out, and you click a button "faster to a confirmation screen", and please advance.
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After the email confirmation, I will inform you from this.
1-40, Iijimacho, Shunan-shi, Yamaguchi
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