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The history in business for 200 years

Founding 1819. There is the history of approximately 200 years for the brewing.

In the Edo era, it is founded in Bunsei

The picture which expressed the oldest appearance to exist
The picture which expressed the oldest appearance to exist
It is founded in hatsumomijiha 1819 (Bunsei 2). The civil administration is a period of last part of Edo time charges from 1818 through 1830.
It is the time when it is famous by Ienari Tokugawa being the time of the general, and Siebold case and Tadataka Ino playing a key role, and having produced Japan shore whole world complete chart. It was the time of this civil administration that a lot of people of consequence of the Meiji Restoration including Shouin Yoshida were born.
It is said that originally the sake brewery did not have culture leaving something for by a letter. Unfortunately the thing which it remained as a document disappears by an air raid in 1945 after the thing saying a document at the time of that purpose is an approximately few state.
In the second year of this civil administration, it is inherited nohatsumomijini much experience after an opening the sake brewing that is the hatsumomijino origin now.

From the foundation as the company to Tokuyama air raid

Sketch of the bar before the war
Sketch of the bar before the war
I establish Harada bar for capital 70,000 yen in 1928.
The liquor at the time is often sold in barreling it and ships it with 4 sho, 2 sho, a barrel of 1 sho.
I performed the rental of sake bottle, and the customer whom 1 go, 2 go and sale by measure were demanded from with moving the bottle for warming sake in the evening continued.
I raised an original brewing idea and, as for the product "first colored leaves at the time," was called mellow taste, a drunkenness feeling open and above board. In addition, I promoted not only the sake brewing but also the environment maintenance such as a well or the water tank setting for securing of rich water source.
The times when you had to buy a right that industrial readjustment of the brewing world began, and many brewers discontinued their business by the policy of the country, and to continue brewing. It has produced the alcohol of the aviation fuel with sugar and corn by the transmission from the military afterwards when situation of the war drew near.
Meanwhile, I stored home brew in the tank in the basement and I worked out a disaster prevention plan to follow home brew and might not forget passion for the sake brewing either.

Re-start from war

I rebuild a sake brewery in the site of a fire
I rebuild a sake brewery in the site of a fire
At the time of 1945, an air raid, the building had been destroyed by fire without avoiding the spread of fire of the sake brewery, but was able to follow the underground home brew. As a building had disappeared, I was not able to brew it, but I borrowed the business closing brewer who avoided the war and secured the offer of the product temporarily and continued providing the product.
And we have a merger with the Ikuno brewing in 1954, and I modernize a company name with "first colored leaves brewing", and it is a re-start. This age is age to be pleased with that had the highest award at five prefectures of China, both young sake competitive show of Yamaguchi. The store of this age retail department is done, too and, let alone a company's product, sells shochu or the beer Port wine.
The sake brewery which I used for the original place even now newly was built afterwards. While there is much difficulty, I extend a business partner and, in 1960, am complicated with three honor brewing. I built the base of the present company.

I suspend brewing

I stop the brewing in 1985. I entrusted you only with the brewing outside and maintained the sale of the original brand.
In this way, in business main the wholesale sale of alcoholic beverages. Similarly the sake volume of the house brand having continued being sluggish because there were some reasons for this brewing stop, and the volume continued leaving 1973 as for the sake as for one at the peak. Because we had been located in the center of the entertainment district next, and wholesale sale was effective.
In addition, I think that one of the causes includes that aging of the chief brewer advanced.

The first brewing resumption in 20 years

The small quantity approximately 500 liters is learned at once
The small quantity approximately 500 liters is learned at once
When only only approximately 20% knew that sake from Yamaguchi was not used in having had a question in the current situation that continued the state though I had the license which I could brew, having wanted to leave sake as culture in the land, consumptions of the sake of the prefecture, it was a driving force of the resumption to have come to think that possibly there might be fewer ratios of liquor of Shunan in Shunan.
In addition, it was pushing of the confidence to be able to make delicious liquor, and it let Heisei 17BY (the brewing year) reopen the brewing by sake brewing after an interval of 20 years that it was possible even for continuation championship, the whole country with a runner up by the sake tasting tournament that Yamaguchi brewing association hosted for 2004 through 6.

Discerning liquor to the whole country, the foreign countries

It is sold in New York
It is sold in New York
Business with store handling pure mijiu in main increases and is coming to be able to enjoy national demohatsumomijinoo liquor now. Not only Japan but also the handling in foreign countries including New York increases and will develop business to be able to enjoy excellent sake "hatsumomiji" of bloom, the native district of Shunan toward the lot from now on.
1-40, Iijimacho, Shunan-shi, Yamaguchi
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