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Guidance of the mitsu - local brew bystreet of all the fourth Shunan and festival ... Minato

Everybody helloColored leaves
tenchandesuThe face which enlarged the entrance, and smiled
I want to see the figure which but enjoys the sake of everybody which cannot readily meet everybody under the influence of new coronavirus!
Therefore I hold it after having performed Red exclamation marknew coronavirus infection preventive measures enoughCracker
"mitsu - local brew bystreet of all the fourth Shunan and festival ... Minato"
<venue> Aozora Park
<the date and time> 2020.10.03 Saturday
<time> A copy: Reception desk start 11:00
        Holding time 11:30-14:00
     Part 2: Reception desk start 15:00
        Holding time 15:30-18:00
<capacity> Each 250 times
It is held with two part system this timeRed exclamation mark
19 storehouses in Yamaguchi participateThe face which I was surprised at
Of course! The Hatsumomidi participates, tooIt is good (a palm this side)Shiningly
<ticket charges> 2,000 yen
I am selling the ticket which can swallow up the MAX10 cup with with face shield, drinking waterRed exclamation mark
※I do not sell the ticket on the day of the event.
<sale place> 
 It is a port of waiting Shunan tourist information center
 Liquor shop kusunoki
 Nakajima liquor shop
For more details, please see a flyerThe face which is delighted at which winked
Everybody, please drop inRed exclamation mark
ThenThe star which flashes on and off
1-40, Iijimacho, Shunan-shi, Yamaguchi
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