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Guidance of the end picking flowers

HelloMug cup
tenchandesuRed exclamation mark
The heat continued still more, but the morning and evening cooled downThe face which enlarged the entrance, and smiled
It is the autumn of the appetite, everybodyColored leaves
In a chestnut a potato, a saury,
I introduce the sake which is good to such ingredientsRecommendation (purple)
The product
"End picking flowers"
This product becomes the private product of a local trading company Yamaguchi companyRed exclamation mark
Sake of the low alcohol of the refreshing taste such as the sparkling wine and the bittersweet fragranceWine
A woman court official of the Hatsumomidi played a key role and squeezed liquor mother with cistern carefully and made the liquor which fell by gravity of nature with the manufacturing method to just do a bottle without pressuring itThe face which is delighted at which winkedShiningly
"The end picking flowers" that even a young woman and a person weak in sake are easy to drink very much
And I tell the method to be able to accept "end picking flowers" deliciously particularly more this timeThe face which I was surprised atThe right arrow (yellow) which turns to the top
ItRed exclamation mark
"End picking flowers" It is to put this at normal temperature as 3~6 ka monthExclamation mark (explosion)
Oh, I think that there is the person thinking Red exclamation mark and question markwith that aloneRed exclamation mark and question mark!
Without, in taste such as brandy matured only in this what or the strong white wine of the sweetness, being over only with sweetness, in neat taste with the acidityExclamation mark (explosion)
You can enjoy taste different from drinking commonly againThe face which is delighted at which winked
It is 990 yen (tax-included) at 300 mlRed exclamation mark
For more details, please see it from a URL belowRed exclamation mark
1-40, Iijimacho, Shunan-shi, Yamaguchi
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