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Guidance of the liquor for a limited time

tenchandesuRed exclamation mark
I stay in September, and there is a few itRed exclamation mark
It became chillyFace completely at a loss
Let's be careful about the turn of the seasons, a cold enoughRed exclamation mark
Sorry to have kept you waitingRed exclamation markRed exclamation mark
I work as a guide of the liquor of the release for a limited time this time on October 1Megaphone
"Tokubetsujunmaishu HARADA hiyaoroshi"
I polish rice with Yamada Nishiki to 60%, and this product is a product felt at U.S. original taste and taste and body with the moderate aging, roundnessThree exclamation marks (balloon)
As for "getting nervous in autumn" that I introduced it last time, this "hiyaoroshi" uses "Yamada Nishiki" using brewing suitable U.S. "saitonoshizuku"The face which I was surprised atShiningly
In addition, I compare by "getting nervous in autumn", and swallowing up to "hiyaoroshi", and how about tasting a difference of rice?The mark that is a red end
 1,800 ml of 2,970 yen (tax-included)
 720 ml of 1,485 yen (tax-included)
<sale date>
 Thursday, October 1, 2020
 Shipment start Saturday, September 26 ...
 ※For a product for a limited time, a number includes a limit.
  I look forward to an early order.
You can enjoy "tokubetsujunmaishu HARADA hiyaoroshi" in "a local brew bystreet" held on Saturday, October 3The face which I was surprised at
You purchase an advance ticket, and please drop inThe face which is delighted at which winkedRed exclamation mark
ThenThe star which flashes on and off
1-40, Iijimacho, Shunan-shi, Yamaguchi
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