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Guidance of the Yudaonsen liquor Festival!

Everybody hello!
It is this guide this timeThe face which enlarged the entrance, and smiled
dododonRed exclamation markRed exclamation mark
Yudaonsen liquor Festival
But, it is heldThe face which I was surprised atShiningly
 A venue: Around Yamaguchi-shi, Inoue Park
 The date and time: Sunday, October 13
 Time: 11:00-17:00
Yamaguchi local brew 21 storehouse gathers to YudaThree exclamation marks (balloon)
The Hatsumomidi participates, tooThe finger which does peaceThe finger which does peace
With small sake cup specially made as for the sake tasting ticketShiningly
On the day you can purchase it for 1,500 yen when you purchase it by place previous selling of 2,000 yen when you purchase itThe face which I was surprised atThe face which I was surprised atThe face which I was surprised at
Even Hatsumomidi sells an advance ticketThe star which flashes on and off
As 500 yen are different, is it advantageous?Red exclamation mark and question mark
I look forward to the purchase of the advance ticket by all meansTwo heart
FurthermoreRed exclamation mark
①!(^^)! which a well-known store of Yudaonsen opens Russian shop in ONEDAY bar, YUDA, and sells a snack of the liquor
Let's enjoy liquor The face which I singBrilliant heartwith the atmosphere that the whole town became the bar togetherFireworks
②I want to sell the product becoming a thing and the souvenir that an unknown shop of Yamaguchi-shi affects liquor in flea market YamaguchiThe right arrow (blue) which turns to the top
When it is bought for memoryThe mark that is a red end
③You can buy it only here in the official goods shopRed exclamation mark
A shop selling original goods of the Yudaonsen liquor Festival seems to open a storeBrilliant heart
With a friend; and line karetemitehaikakagadeshokaThe mark that is a red end
I look forward to it by all meansThe star which flashes on and off
1-40, Iijimacho, Shunan-shi, Yamaguchi
TEL. 0834-21-0075
FAX. 0834-21-4075
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