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Email member

HARADA storehouse ove (email member)

Thank you very much for always drinking pure mijiu "HARADA" habitually.
I have many voices from a customer and will launch email member "HARADA storehouse ove".
As the member-limited privilege prepares let alone enrollment costs, annual convention costs for free, an event and the guidance of the product, please enroll casually.

Privilege information

・I will show around the sampling society of storehouse Festival information, a new product and the limited product.
・Visit privilege (I present 500 g of sake lees or 500 g of ricemalt by the purchase liquor 3,000 yen or more!)
・I just prepare for an e-mail magazine.
 I guide you as soon as I can prepare.


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After the email confirmation, I will inform you from this.
※We promote protection of the personal information by driving home to all employees recognition and an approach of the importance of the personal information protection.
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